It’s hard to find someone as passionate and attentive to details as Melissa. Her dedication to her craft means that she will spend countless hours researching a topic to become a true expert and share her mastery with her audience. If you are love with eating like Melissa, you will find yourself engaged in hours… Continue reading Melissa


A former math teacher turned super guide! Julian is known for his approachable nature, vast knowledge, and ability to make content fun and informative. Do not be deceived by his stern demeanor, speak to him and within a minute, you will find him warm and always ready to share. Want to know Julian better? Give… Continue reading Julian

Lora Lee

Meet Lora, your bilingual tourist guide who speaks both English and Chinese fluently. With her boundless energy and enthusiasm, Lora is like an energizer bunny who never runs out of steam. Give her a microphone and she won’t be able to resist sharing all her knowledge and insights about the places you’re visiting. Get ready… Continue reading Lora Lee

Shahrul & Shahrin

Shahrul is the smiling, dashing eldest son of the curry puff family, even when covered in flour, pastry and grease. Shahrin his younger bro is quick witted, charming and funny, equally blessed . Together, these boys are responsible for churning out the flaky crispy rectangular curry puffs. And they do it in style, with a… Continue reading Shahrul & Shahrin


Meet Cornelius, an engineer by training, and a 2nd generation hawker. He is a very rare sight in the hawker scene, with his age and education backgrounds. He gave up a corporate career to help his ageing parents and to spend time caring for his young daughter.