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Who is Mr. Lee Kuan Yew? What was he like as a young boy, a husband, a father and a friend? What were his values? How were they shaped? Much of what we know of Singapore's founding father is inextricably tied to the Singapore story. But what was he like as a man?


How much of Mr. Lee's childhood do you know of? What was his relationship like with his mother, grandmother and father? Was he the model student since he was young? Did he ever get into trouble? Where did he grew up in Singapore? We head East to take you through Mr. Lee's earlier youthful years and give you an account of a young Lee Kuan Yew.

Next, we chart out the beautiful love story of Mr. and Mrs. Lee, how they met and how their relationship blossomed. We share episodes and uncover gems about the mutual love, admiration and respect they had for one another. In the later years after Mrs. Lee had a stroke, Mr. Lee's acts of devotion throughout her illness brought the world closer to him even if that was not his intention.

We also visit Oxley Road, the Lees residence for 50 years. What was he like as a father to his children? What values did he want them to have? A visit to their humble home cannot go without mentioning his simple ways and lifestyle. For example, there was no modern shower to speak of till 2003. They made do taking baths the traditional way with a plastic scoop and a large earthenware. His home and furniture was modest and often old and belonging to a different time.

Next on our routing is Tanjong Pagar, the constituency Mr. Lee choose as his home base from 1955 and where he continued to serve his residents for nearly 60 years. If you are curious about his healthy ways, know that he loved his food and was fond of peranakan favourites like mee siam and gado gado.

And to our final stop, we head to the Old Parliament House and end off in front of the steps at the National Gallery Singapore in front of the Padang. 

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Clear, crisp and precise is how I will describe Iris' delivery. It is easy to speak fast. Sometimes too fast to be understood clearly. Which is why, Iris' measured relaxed pace is a huge hit especially with guests who enjoy smooth radio quality voice control and speed. But what makes her one of Singapore's best English guides is her depth of research to bring out the best stories. She is also THE best guide on Indian culture. Islandwide :)


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