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What was the land that Jewel sits formerly used for? How many storeys is this building? How is it that The Jewel is not hot since it is akin to a giant glasshouse? Besides world class attractions, The Jewel is a symphony of the most unusual brands. How did this come to be? And it is easy to forget that its primary purpose is that of aviation services. All nestled among the lush Shiseido Forest Valley and the incomparable HSBC Rain Vortex.  

If you are keen for a deep dive into the engineering marvel that is The Jewel, you must join this tour.


Join our Discover Jewel Hosts on a journey to learn more about The Jewel. What were the constraints the builders had to contend with? How is the roof of The Jewel put together? What architectural feats the team had to pull off to work around these constraints?

Along the way, you will meet the friendly staff and robots that help run this architecture wonder. Our friendly hosts will point out certain fun facts about the width of corridors on different floors, transplanting of the 2000 trees and 100,000 shrubs to transform this into a forest paradise, and much more.

Our Discover Jewel Hosts will also point out the many unique flagship restaurants and shops that make The Jewel a favourite for even Singaporeans to visit. 

And of course, there are plenty of opportunities to capture the best views of The Jewel from the most unique vantage points.

A minimum of 6pax is required for the tour to commence. This tour runs on Wed and Sat, 1200-1315hrs.

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If asked by his peers and friends, write down “the person most will bring home to meet mom”, Anthony will win by a landslide. And merely meeting him for 15 minutes, you will feel the warmth, sincerity and good vibes one gets from being around this man. Don’t think he’s just all warm and fuzzy, Anthony is a bona fide Peranakan, a massive foodie and a hell of a guide. He’s also a steady hand and presence in our livestream tours. 


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