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Visit a local coffee factory roasting beans the local way. Or learn how to order breakfast like a true local at a hawker centre after your 45 minutes of Taichi.


Get in with the locals practising tai chi chuan exercises of regulated breathing that's great for the soul. A mind-body "soft style" martial arts, tai chi promotes serenity and brings about a calmness of the mind. Practising tai chi for even a few minutes helps relaxes the body and focuses the mind. Do this amidst the most luscious of views in the crisp fresh dew-filled air. Zen it out with the masters of this 800 year old martial art that’s not only good for the creaky bones but even better for the soul. Sometimes holidays should be less zipping around from point A to B, but instead allow ourselves to slow down and breathe...

Next a private-access-only tour to one of the few remaining coffee factories in Singapore that roast coffee beans the local way. Get an insider look at how local coffee beans are roasted in margarine and sugar for a knockout aroma. Let the roasters tell you industry secrets on techniques that will shock you about the roasting business.

Then we bring you to Waterloo Street. Where you witness two very different places of worship - next to each other. Here locals say their prayers and make their offerings at a Hindu temple and a Taoist temple before going to work. And finally, we bring you to a hawker centre. Learn the different ways to order coffee and tea the local colloquial way and what they mean. Then the true test! Order it yourself with the coffee shop and see if you get what you ordered. Along with coffee, you will have a scrumptious spread of the local breakfast.

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Think of Lianne as a collector of experiences through travel. She also has a sizeable heart for the community and gives her time to causes that have a deep meaning to her. She is also one of the creative brains behind Tribe’s, understands “service”, and also our de facto copy editing police.


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