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Home (previously Singapore 24hrs) is a tour about the Singapore Housing Story and how locals live. Includes exclusive visits to two HDB homes.


At the heart of it all, this tour is about the homes of Singaporeans. But we start out at Toa Payoh HDB Hub, where you see the evolution of the Singaporean home throughout the 60s till today.

You will learn what our public housing is like. What are Housing Development Board (HDB) apartment flats in Singapore? Who stays in it, who can apply, who is involved in the construction, design and sale of these homes? How has this evolved over time? Our expert guides will also share about the Government's overall space planning and land use. How do we plan our amenities, parks, roads around our homes?

Finally, we are hosted by a real Singaporean family and learn everything there is to know about life in Singapore. This is an exclusive arrangement we have with the home owners. Our guests learn about different HDB home types, dos and don'ts, customs and neighbourly etiquette.

Our loveable hosts will also have you sample home-made snacks or desserts like chendol or bubur chacha, and other local delicacies. For many, the highlight of this tour is the open, free flowing conversations between our hosts and guests that gives you a glimpse of a day in the live of Singaporeans.

For to fully experience Singapore, is to dive deep into where locals live, shop, eat and mingle and experience a typical Singaporean neighbourhood.

This tour takes place every Monday and Wednesday, 1430-1730 with a minimum of 4pax to commence.

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Yoke Chun

Yoke will never say this about herself, but she is one of the kindest, warmest and most giving persons around. What's amazing is that she is operationally as effective as a drill sergeant. Which is no wonder she is one of the best at what she does. Warm and genuine, operational ninja, and a master juggler in life!


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