Made in Singapore

Discover the innovation and growth story of Made in Singapore brands

The development of Singapore to a first world nation in record time has been hailed the world over as an economic miracle. Singapore’s nominal GDP grew from 500 USD in 1965 to 56000 USD in 2015, on par with Germany and the United States. Yet this remarkable story is hardly ever told.

How did this small country with limited natural resources manage to pull this off? What were the major industries that helped shaped the economy of Singapore then and now? What are the major shifts and pivots we made? For example, how and why did port and shipping activities morph over the past years?

Back in the 80s, we were obsessed with the word hub. And being a hub of many industries – banking, oil refinery, aviation, and many others. So afraid of being left out that we made it an art form to be globally relevant.

Join us as we bring this story to life and open your eyes to what’s made in Singapore.

From visiting a local beer brewery or artisan soya sauce factory or a sugar factory to an urban community farm. ​​Join us for Made In Singapore and experience an adrenaline rush of Singapore’s economy!

Notes: Tour is recommended for all ages | Tour will only commence with a minimum of 8 participants. For dates outside of the fixed schedule, you can email  or call us at +6564631031 to enquire.


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    Outside Paris Baguette Raffles City Shopping Mall (252 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179103)

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  • If you are interested in learning about Singapore’s economic development story via exclusive behind the scenes stop

    If you love learning about the constraints of a city state and how that has changed through time.

  • – Professional tour guide
    – Vehicle on Disposal
    – Visit to Singapore Maritime Gallery, Urban Farm, choice of Brewery/Sugar factory/Soya Sauce Factory

Points of Interest/Route

Visit to Singapore Maritime Gallery

Visit to Urban Farm

Visit to either Beer Brewery/Sugar factory/Soya Sauce Factory