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Zip through Singapore's hippest neighbourhood and sip on lattes at quaint little cafes, explore Peranakan shophouses and peer in on a Ang Ku Kueh factory.


Looking for an interesting area for a walkabout? Look no further than Everton Park or the Kampong Bahru enclave. There are always hip streets in every city. Some are mainstays, some are up and comers. Yes we do love Tiong Bahru and Haji Lane. Those warrant a visit if you have time. But few can claim to be Singapore's newest and trendiest neighbourhood as Everton Park can right now. In fact, it's so new, if you Google "hippest neighbourhood Singapore", Everton Park does not even register yet. Yes.

We start with coffee first (what else?) at one of the must go cafes ... if we can find a seat. Your Chief (guide) will give you an overview of neighbourhoods in Singapore and of Everton Park/Kampong Bahru. What it use to be, its transformation? Rents, property values if you're interested. We start our walkabout hopping in and out of cool shops but not spending a lot of time in each (you can always come back by yourself after the tour).

First stop, will be at an Ang Ku Kueh factory, where your Chief will share with you all about this local delicacy. What is the story and legend behind why this is given at baby one-month celebration up till today. You get to sample and try them at the shop. Feel free to pack some home if you like.

A quick pitstop at a cafe at arguably the finest roasters of coffee in Singapore. Our words not theirs. If you are a coffee connoisseur that appreciates the subtlety that is coffee drinking and can discern between light and medium body versus full-bodied, single-origin versus single-estate beans, this is one place you don't want to miss.

We will also stop by a quirky hipster shop that sells things you WANT rather than things you NEED. That is the best way really to describe this. It is like walking into a Monocle shop. Fans of Monocle Magazine will know what I am talking about. The owners are pretty nice, and if they are around you'll likely get to speak to them too.

Next off to The Baba House where you will learn all about this particular type of architecture known as the Peranakan shophouses. Why it was so popular then and who are the Peranakans and design elements that are unique about these shop houses.

It's time for, you guessed it, another round of lattes, flat whites, caps, double shot expressos, however you like it. This time, we'll get to savour this with cakes and tarts and conclude our walkabout.

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