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Visit wet markets and hawker centres, the origins of our local coffee, belachan, roti prata and how some things came to be. Learn about eating customs of the Chinese, Malays and Indians. Visit family-run shop/factory to get a behind-the-scenes of the local food industry. And a hands on popiah rolling cum lunch session where each guests will hand roll yummy popiahs and fill little kueh pie tees. We end off sampling one of Singaporean's beloved desserts - putu piring.


This is not just an eating tour. There’s plenty of eating involved yes. But it is also about our beloved wet markets and hawker centres, the origins and heritage of our foods like local coffee, belachan, roti prata and how some things came to be.

We start out eating of course. You're brought to a hawker centre to sample the best of the best local dishes. At a local wet market, you will be introduced to local ingredients and when these ingredients are used in familiar dishes.

Next an intimate visit to two family-run shop/factory to get a behind-the-scenes of the local food industry. More eating! Then, before you know it, it's a hands-on popiah rolling cum lunch session. Yes, there is a lot of eating and you will be reminded several times to pace yourselves.

We start sweet and end sweet and what better food than the beloved putu piring! We don't just bring you to try any putu piring. But this is arguably Singaporean's favourite putu piring stall. You see how it's made in front of your eyes and eat as many as you want.

So come with an empty belly and a thirst for an in-depth food journey of Singapore Food.

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  • FAQs
    1. Is this an eating tour? Why does it take 5 hours?

      If it's an eating-only tour, we would have given you a list like this! And you can explore at your own pace all the must-eats while in Singapore. Ultimate Food Journey gives you a detailed background of the food industry in Singapore. We explore the dry part of the wet market, where we tell you about local ingredients and spices, what dishes they are used in, etc. There is also an unusual behind-the-scenes tour of a famous curry puff shop and a hands-on popiah making session. So no, this is much more than an eating tour.

    2. Is it all inclusive?

      Yes. No additional out of pocket expenses unless you are buying your own stash of curry puffs, dry items from the wet market.

    3. Is there a fair bit of walking involved?

      The sum total of about 30 minutes of walking and an hour of standing. There is transportation provided to our fruits stall.

    4. What type of food for those with dietary considerations?

      Dessert is a cooling sweet drink. Curry puffs pastry contain butter, flour, egg, the usual suspects in pastry. The filling range from chicken, potato, mutton, beef, egg to sardine. Though not all together so it's your choice to make. Popiah is mostly vegetable and all meals are certified halal. Tropical fruits you can expect almost all in season. Ask our guides along the way to check for specifics.

    5. I travel with the very young and elderly. Is this recommended for this tour?

      Here's our advice. If they enjoy a walkabout learning about Singapore through its food, ingredients, spices, and meeting with the people behind the scenes, then come. For the elderly, you are the best gauge of whether it is an experience they would enjoy. For little ones, we have seen how many as young as six enjoy Ultimate Food Journey. We say six and above is a good age.

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Visit to two family-run shop/factory to get a behind-the-scenes of the local food industry.

You get a hands on popiah rolling cum lunch session.


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Clear, crisp and precise is how I will describe Iris' delivery. It is easy to speak fast. Sometimes too fast to be understood clearly. Which is why, Iris' measured relaxed pace is a huge hit especially with guests who enjoy smooth radio quality voice control and speed. But what makes her one of Singapore's best English guides is her depth of research to bring out the best stories. She is also THE best guide on Indian culture. Islandwide :)

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