Proud to add ‘foodie’ to her middle name, Belinda is meticulous, warm and thorough in putting her years of hospitality training into her tours. You can always find her exploring the hawker centre for food an hour or more before any tour.



  • Foodie. ‘Makan’ is my middle name! (Makan is a common Malay language word meaning ‘to eat’.
    Chope Culture: I ‘chope’ or reserve seats/a table in eating areas, with a packet of tissue, umbrella or water bottle.
    Singlish: I use this local pidgin-like lingo which has influences from English, Malay, Tamil, and Chinese dialects.

  • Fluffy, crispy Prata Kosong (plain, no cheese, runny egg or Nutella) torn into bite pieces by hand for maximum effect. And Teh C (tea with evaporated milk & sugar) for my truly satisfying breakfast.

  • Keppel Island Park
    The boardwalks on the south side of the private but accessible to the public Keppel Island, offer breathtaking views of the sea, lapping waves, yachts, and green views of Sentosa. Lovely to view the sunset too.

  • Essen @ The Pinnacle, located in the iconic architecture of Pinnacle @ Duxton (Singapore’s tallest public housing development) in Tanjong Pagar.

    An ‘atas’ (high class or posh) food court that’s airconditioned with alfresco options. The bar is wide open with beer on tap, craft beer, wine, ciders. A place to chill or for a meal of gourmet burgers, grilled seafood, Italian, and Vietnamese choices. Variety is key. No dress code, no reservations.

  • ‘Die die must try!’ meaning something is so absolutely amazing that one must try, no matter. Frequently associated with food.

  • A large glass of hot frothy Teh Tarik Halia. It warms my soul!
    (The drink’s name means ‘pulled tea’ in Malay in reference to how it is made.)

  • I enjoy exploring on foot and Kyoto is one of the world’s best walking cities. Perfect for leisurely strolls through the city’s rich cultural past, nature, narrow alleyways, historic districts, and lantern-lit streets.

  • I am one of the world’s fastest walkers! Singaporeans are the fastest walkers in the world; 18 metres or 60 feet in 10.55 sec!

  • I must have a traditional chinese medicine cupping session, for a better flow of my ‘Qi’ (energy flow) and promote blood circulation. Rejuvenated and ready for my overseas trip.

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