Live Stream Virtual Tours

Live Stream Virtual Tours

Live Stream Tours

Ever wanted a peek at how some things are made and the colourful people making them? Now you can! Join our Live Stream experiences where we curate fun short live streams of places you wish you can visit. Our fun guides will be on ground at these places, beaming these live images to you. You interact with the craftsmen, ask questions and see footage of how some of the foods/crafts/things we love are made. Some things will surprise and delight you. Email us to enquire.

TeaGIF Friday Series

Beaming live to you on Friday*, we will bring you behind the scenes of a beloved heritage, family run or famous food factory! Interact and have your questions answered LIVE by our craftsmen. Besides satisfying your curiosity about these yummy foods, we can even have these delivered to you to enjoy as a tea time snacks with your family and friends! 

Behind the Scenes Livestream - The 1925 Brewing Co.
Killiney Kopitiam - From Coffeeshop to Factory
Traditional Bread Factory
Kim Choo - Peranakan Culture and Rempah Udang Hands-on
Curry Puff Factory

Kids Edition Series

Conducted differently from our traditional live stream, the Kids Edition simplifies content for our young audience while bringing you behind the scenes via our blended learning experience.  This series comes with a digital copy of a specially curated, related activity kit that is send out to all participants for our little ones to watch, eat and learn at the same time.

Customization options available for Corporate, MICE and School groups. Email for enquiry.

Culture & Disappearing Trade Series

We will bring you on-ground to interact and have your questions answered LIVE by our craftsmen and experts. Learn about the different culture groups in multi-racial Singapore, from the Chinese wedding traditions to the origins of Chinese tea;  Participate in our do-along session and learn from our master craftsman in the art of Sari dressing, Henna painting and more! 

Each product will be customised according to your organisation needs – from learning journey, MICE to team get-together, there is certainly a product to let you ReDiscover something about Singapore. View our videos below for snippets of our learning experience.


Peranakan Culture
Disappearing Coffee Trade
Chinese Wedding 'Red' Shop
Glam Kampong
Little India Spice of Life