Popular Singapore Tours

Popular Singapore Tours

Popular Singapore Tours

Ready to experience the real Singapore? Want to find out more about Singapore’s rich history and heritage? Come join us on one of these highly rated tours by locals and travellers for a memorable Singapore experience!

Be it Game Tours, Food Tours,  Heritage & Culture Tours or our Behind the Scenes Tour, we promise you will have fun and learn new things about this Little Red Dot! 🇸🇬

Be the Sherlock Holmes of Chinatown in our immersive mystery game tour! Get ready to solve puzzles and find the killer.

Winner of the 2021 Outstanding Tour Experience Award, Chinatown Murders is a new #gametours where participants are thrown into a scenario to solve puzzles. The scene is Chinatown where a serial killer is on the loose and the whole nation is gripped with fear. Participants are roped in to find the killer by solving a series of puzzles around Chinatown.

Played in teams of 2 – 5 persons, participants determine the route they take, and the choice of items to pick. Narrated throughout by our tourist guide/gamemaster, the guide will dive into a character throughout. This character has strong ties in Chinatown having lived there for 48 years and through the guide, he/she shares their affiliation through the people the guide knew and grew up with. 

Min: 4 pax to commence

Learn beyond the food they serve, explore off-the-beaten-path, find hidden gems, and meet the locals!

HawkerWalk is a tour designed to bring out the stories, passion and grit of our local hawker heroes. Combining behind-the-scenes experiences and stories of our hawkers, tour participants will gain a deeper appreciation of the grit and sweat hawkers put in to deliver the everyday dishes we enjoy.

Through the Old School Snacks tour, we bring you up, close and personal with the last of our hawkers making these traditional snacks, learn why a snack is named ‘kill the riding horse’, or the origins of a ‘pig ear biscuit’. Sample the Asian version of a granola bar, together with other delicious local food!

The tour includes a snacks & food bundle worth up to $15.

Min: 4 pax to commence

Take on the challenge to help the Ferryman free the spirit of The Doll!

A policeman from the netherworld, known as The Ferryman^, needs your help to locate the scattered body parts of the Japanese doll. Only with the parts as a whole, can the spirit of the doll be freed.

You must work fast by following the clues, stories and instructions given by the Ferryman as he communicates with the spirits around us. The body parts have been disguised as ingredients, food, artefacts etc, and you will need to perform tasks to get them.

You will meander through the intricate streets of Little India and be led to stores selling dates and nuts, street food, a butcher and a colourful house with colourful history! At these stops you will have to complete specific tasks, from getting a henna, and drawing a talisman to locating a missing head…  The clock is ticking and you should quickly gather the help of your friends to assist you.

^according to some cultures, the ferryman is one who carries the souls of the newly deceased

Min: 4 pax to commence

Experience a day in the life of a local Singaporean through an exclusive visit to a HDB Home!

Learn the fascinating story of the evolution of the Singapore home. As the population grew, there was a housing shortage. And the government had to build and relocated people from slums and squatter living conditions to new high-rise apartment flats, known to Singaporeans as HDB flats.

What is the Ethnic Integration Policy? How is this implemented and why? Besides shophouses and HDB flats, there are also private condominiums, black and white colonial houses and landed houses. What is the difference between these and public housing?

The highlight will be a home visit to a host family where you get to have an authentic experience of a day in the life of a local Singaporean. This is an intimate meeting with a Singaporean family, where you learn about their lives, how they go about their daily chores, neighbourly dos and don’ts, customs and culture. Family is warm and loveable but equally open to a free and easy “no topic we can’t discuss” chat over home-prepared snacks and dessert… This is an exclusive arrangement we have with the homeowners.

Min: 4 pax to commence

Get your smartphone ready and join us on the first and only Instagram tour of Singapore!

Instagram-worthy shots are the rage for generating interest in new places discovered. A great Insta shot becomes a massive draw for locals and travellers alike and can transform a place, destination, food find, or street into cult status. This was the inspiration behind our #Instawalks series where our walks are carefully crafted to seek out hidden nooks and crannies and uncover gems unbeknownst to the average Joe.

Join us in discovering Singapore in a novel and fun way together with our friendly influencers* as they generously share tips, and unknown spots to capture the finest shots of SG. Have your followers and friends in awe of your best photos of SG and ask the proverbial “where is this?”, all while learning about the famed streets of Bugis, Waterloo Street and Kampong Glam.

*Subject to nano-influencers availability and only for tours with participants exceeding 8 pax

Min: 4 pax to commence

Can you escape from this engineering marvel that is, The Changi Jewel?

Set in the iconic building of Singapore – Changi Jewel, Jewel Heist is played in teams of 4 – 6 persons. Players work as a team through missions set forth by the leader of the heist, your guide and gamemaster. Solving the puzzles requires quick wit, listening skills, a keen eye, teamwork, strategy, and a good understanding of the engineering marvel that is The Changi Jewel

Pit your skills against friends and colleagues by getting the highest score and leave with bragging rights over them.

Do you have what it takes to take on The Jewel Heist?

Min: 4 pax to commence

Discover the stories of building the world’s most incredible lifestyle destination, Jewel Changi Airport!

Join our Discover Jewel Hosts on a journey to learn more about The Jewel. What were the constraints the builders had to contend with? How is the roof of The Jewel put together? What architectural feats the team had to pull off to work around these constraints?

Along the way, you will meet the friendly staff and robots that help run this architecture wonder. Our friendly hosts will point out certain fun facts about the width of corridors on different floors, transplanting of the 2000 trees and 100,000 shrubs to transform this into a forest paradise, and much more.

Our Discover Jewel Hosts will also point out the many unique flagship restaurants and shops that make The Jewel a favourite for even Singaporeans to visit.

And of course, there are plenty of opportunities to capture the best views of The Jewel from the most unique vantage points.

Min: 4 pax to commence

Everything you ever wanted to know about Singapore in an entertaining, fact-filled 2-hour deep dive.

If you fancy a leveller, a 101 on Singapore, that gives you a comprehensive overview of Singapore, its physical geography, its economy, progress and development over the past 50 years. Or about the people of Singapore, what are they like, what habits, customs and culture that has become entrenched that it has become “Singaporean traits”, then this is the tour for you!

What’s the population? How is the nation planned? What industries are situated where and why? How much land is use for military camps, roads, parks and reservoirs? We also dive deep into Singapore’s incredible transformation from vulnerable new nation with no natural resource to the bustling metropolis that it is today.

Min: 4 pax to commence

Travel with us on this beautiful journey as we bring you back in time to a different Singapore!

Learn how bread was made the old fashion way. Visit one of the oldest remaining traditional bakeries left in Singapore and taste the difference. Meet with one of the masters of paper objects that the Chinese use as an offering to their ancestors. Join us and meet these masters in Disappearing Trades, winner of the 2017 Singapore Tourism Awards for the best tour experience in the leisure category.

Much of what people know about Singapore is its modernity. But what was Singapore like in the 1950s to 1980s? How did people live, where did they go to get their daily necessities? Who were these heroes who plied their trade? What are their stories?

If you are nostalgic about heritage and love meeting craftsmen who are fiercely proud of their trade, join us for this time travel to what Singapore was like in the sixties through eighties. If like us, you believe this is the best way to know a place, through conversations with its people, and that much of what’s present today comes from our past, then get to know Singapore through our disappearing trades.

Min: 4 pax to commence

Indulge your taste buds with Singapore’s food with the Ultimate Food Journey!

Ultimate Food Journey is not just an eating tour. There’s plenty of eating involved yes. But it is also about our beloved wet markets and hawker centres, the origins and heritage of our foods like local coffee, belachan, roti prata and how some things came to be.

We start out eating of course. You’re brought to a hawker centre to sample the best of the best local dishes. At a local wet market, you will be introduced to local ingredients and when these ingredients are used in familiar dishes.

Next an intimate visit to two family-run shop/factory to get a behind-the-scenes of the local food industry. More eating! Then, before you know it, it’s a hands-on popiah rolling cum lunch session. Yes, there is a lot of eating and you will be reminded several times to pace yourselves.

So come with an empty belly and a thirst for an in-depth food journey of Singapore Food.

Min: 4 pax to commence

Listen to the stories of Peranakan Culture, Peranakan Food, + Exclusive access to Katong Antique house!

Discover Katong and Joo Chiat through a Matriarch with a story to tell. Meet Qing Qing, a renowned fashion designer, and a true-blue Nyonya – a term referring to female descendants of interracial marriage between early Chinese settlers and the local Malay community.

Hear her stories about the unique Peranakan culture, enter a Peranakan House to learn inspirations behind her own family house, the material culture of kebaya, kerosang and beaded shoes, and the delectable food from classics like nyonya zhang, ayam buah keluak to laksa…. And the favourite establishments around Katong/Joo Chiat frequented with her husband and family.

Min: 4 pax to commence

Learn about architecture, history & society through the colourful back alleys of Jalan Besar!

Discover the Jalan Besar precinct’s colourful character & uncover hidden architectural gems!

What were the lifestyles of people living in the area like? Who were the famous (or infamous!) personalities associated with various streets & sites? And what fascinating stories can the many wall murals tell?

Find out during this 2h walking tour and pick up some great foodie tips as well!

Min: 4 pax to commence

Seek inspiration by exploring one of Singapore’s oldest housing districts with an intriguing mix of old and new.

From quaint little shops to hipster cafes and iconic murals, Tiong Bahru is a treasure trove of inspiration. In one of Singapore’s oldest housing districts, the charming way where the traditional merges with the new makes this an interesting place to spend your time.

Appreciate the art deco architecture while learning about Singapore’s housing story. Go mural hunting and visit traditional businesses to discover what life was like in the 1970s. Immerse into dainty books and words of local writers, poets and artists who help uncover more of local lifestyles and mannerisms through the beauty of literature. Do a local food crawl to discover Singaporean’s favourite passions and local flavours.

Let this 2.5 hours tour be filled with endless beautiful little things and memories.

Min: 4 pax to commence

Capture B&W buildings and explore areas with a multitude of colours in our Instagram Tour.

Discover the Civic District of Singapore via an Instagram tour!

Singapore’s Civic District is a blend of old-world charms with a modern twist, where every building tells a story. In our 2 hours walk from City Hall to Clarke Quay, capture black & white buildings and explore areas with a multitude of colours. Join us in discovering the Civic District in a novel and fun way together with our guide and friendly influencers* as they generously share tips and secret spots to capture insta-worthy shots along the way.

*Subject to nano-influencers availability and only for tours with participants exceeding 8 pax

Min: 4 pax to commence