The winner of the 2022 Outstanding Tourist Guide Award, Elaine commands PRESENCE.

Not just from her voice, her height but also her bright cheery smile wherever she goes. Even at Tribe’s get togethers, Elaine is very much in the centre of things. There is never a day Elaine does not greet you with her trademark wide smile that makes everything ok. Always attentive to the little details for her guests, Elaine is a hit with high touch guests. In fact, she is so well loved by some of our regular corporate clients that she is specifically requested for.



  • Foodie – Singaporeans have an amazing ability to eat constantly, throughout the day! And we’re always hunting out the newest food & beverage spot to appease our tastebuds!

    Air-con – The secret to surviving our heat & humidity is to hide in such environments! And soaking up as much cool air as possible before venturing forth to explore our colourful streets!

    Polyglot – Not only do we speak several languages, we can combine words/phrases from each into a single sentence!

  • Whaddya mean “kaya toast OR prata”? Why can’t I have kaya toast AND prata???

    Paired with Teh Si Kosong! (If you’ve no clue what that drink is, it just means you’ve gotta come with me on a food tour, heh heh!)

  • Library @ Orchard Central
    (Sleek interior design, free books, large glass windows to watch the world stroll by, and… the all-important air-conditioning!)

  • Shhh… I’m not telling! Otherwise it’ll no longer be a place “no one knows about”!

  • Can — It carries myriad meanings with a simple change in intonation & context!

  • Erm… not complaining?
    Honestly, there’s so much to be thankful for in Singapore!
    Where else in the world can you go for a delicious supper that costs under $5, after enjoying a free arts performance, then walk home in the wee hours through secluded streets without even having to consider whether it’s safe?

  • Takayama in Japan.
    Quaint, atmospheric streets… charming architecture… great weather… delicious beef!

  • Walking at top speed in 4-inch heels all day, while exploring Singapore’s most colourful precincts with visitors!

  • You must (absolutely, positively MUST) have a cocktail at Smoke & Mirrors at sunset before you leave!
    The drinks at this bar on the rooftop of the gorgeous National Gallery are imaginative & inspired by Asian flavour profiles.

    Come in your best togs & take lots of artistic photos while posing against the elegant backdrop of the building’s interior spaces.

    And, as a bonus, try the dry laksa at National Kitchen on level 2. Guaranteed to send your tastebuds home carolling happily!