Experience a day in the life of a local Singaporean through an exclusive visit to a HDB Home!

Learn the fascinating story of the evolution of the Singapore home. As the population grew, there was a housing shortage. And the government had to build and relocated people from slums and squatter living conditions to new high rise apartment flats, known to Singaporeans as HDB flats.

Walk with us through some of the earlier shophouses along Trengganu Lane, Temple and Smith Street and learn about when these were built, the conditions then and who lived in them.

What is the Ethnic Integration Policy? How is this implemented and why? Besides shophouses and HDB flats, there are also private condominiums, black and whites colonial houses and landed houses. What is the difference between these and public housing.

The highlight will be a home visit to a host family where you get to have an authentic experience of a day in the life of a local Singaporean. This is an intimate meeting with a Singaporean family, where you learn about their lives, how they go about their daily chores, neighbourly dos and donts, customs and culture. Family is warm and loveable but equally open to a free and easy “no topic we can’t discuss” chat over home prepared snacks and dessert.. This is an exclusive arrangement we have with the home owners.

This tour takes place every Monday and Wednesday, 1430-1730hrs.

Notes: Tour is recommended for all ages| Tour will bring guests back to the starting point of the tour at Chinatown | Tour will only commence with a minimum of 4 participants. For dates outside of the fixed schedule, you can email bookings@tribe-tours.com to enquire


    03 HOURS (1430-1730hrs)
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  • §  If you are interested to learn about our supercharged journey from slums and squatter living to high-rise housing.

    §  For those who want to experience the “real” Singapore – forget Orchard Road or Sentosa, come with us to the Singapore suburbs, aka the ‘heartlands’.

    §  If you want to make sense of the hugely diverse building styles – from colonial buildings, or the quintessential shophouse, to colorfully decorated HDB flats dotted across the island and private condominiums.

    §  Have you ever wondered how an inside of a typical Singapore HDB home looks like? This is your chance for an exclusive visit to a Housing & Development Board home of a Singaporean family!

  • – Professional Local guide
    – 3 hours tour with transport
    – Exclusive access into a HDB housing
    – No holds barred conversation with the home owner

Points of Interest/Route

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Points of Interest/Route:

Chinatown Shophouses & Complex

HDB Public Housing Estate

Insider access to a HDB home owner