Clear, crisp and precise is how I will describe Iris’ delivery. It is easy to speak fast. Sometimes too fast to be understood clearly. Which is why, Iris’ measured relaxed pace is a huge hit especially with guests who enjoy smooth radio quality voice control and speed. But what makes her one of Singapore’s best English guides is her depth of research to bring out the best stories. She is also THE best guide on Indian culture. Islandwide 🙂



  • 1. Constantly Griping …..about the hot & humid weather.

    2. I’m laid-back, it’s my personal antidote to kiasu-ism.

    3. Straightforward …. Say what I mean, and mean what I say. Why expend unnecessary energy beating around the bush!

  • I’d have to go with prata and a spicy Masala gravy, since I don’t care for sweet things for breakfast. And definitely, without hesitation, it has to be a good, strong cup of local Kopi C or Piccolo latte. Coffee deprivation is a real condition.

  • The waterfront promenade at Marina Bay Sands, especially in the evening, it’s simply quite impressive.

  • Don’t get me started, I can do a full page on this subject alone….

    BetterField – a small, nondescript café off Waterloo Street – the home-made cilantro pesto mushroom spaghetti is to die for!

    Old Airport Hawker center and Chomp Chomp for fried Hokkien prawn noodles.  Ultimate comfort food.  Just thinking about it sends my salivary glands into overdrive!

    554 MacPherson Road for Teochew porridge – as good as grandma’s cooking.  Their home-made steamed otah, vegetables are always very fresh with very little or no MSG.

  • “Abu-den” – said with the right tone and facial expressions (eyes rolling).  It conveys incredulity, sarcasm…. “abu-den?” which really means “need I say more?”

  • Stop complaining about the troubles we have and offer thanks for all the troubles we don’t have. Being thankful we live in Singapore where there are no natural disasters like earthquakes to shake our routine or live in fear and uncertainty that the person beside us, may decide to blow himself up just to make a point!

  • Bumthang, Bhutan – the closest thing to paradise. Pristine, tranquil, steeped in Buddhist customs and traditions.

  • Dry sense of humour, and ability to see the lighter side of most situations.

  • check out the URA city gallery.

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