A bilingual cat, YS is quick witted, charming, and thinks and moves fast. Don’t worry, he knows how to take it down a notch when he’s guiding. He has more than one funny bone in him but beneath the natural joker persona, he is a wonderful and committed dad and a great warm person.



  • Queuing. I’m never a fan of queues. But this is always an accurate indicator for some of the most delicious food and best bargains one can snitch in Singapore.

    Foodie. I can spend 1 hour travelling and 30 minutes wolfing down the best chicken rice, carrot cake, etc. when I only have 1.5 hours for lunch.

    Chop Chop. It means ‘fast fast’. Just like Singapore is known for its efficiency, my personal mantra is not to waste time and to do things in the most effective and chop chop way.

  • Definitely prata, with the usual curry and sugar as dips. You must be frowning now, but trust me, having such contrasting dips together ‘confirm’ (Singlish for ‘will definitely’) make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

    I’m generally a kopi person, but teh always has this effect to lift my mood and energy level which kopi can’t… It is also the one drink that I missed most when I was overseas in the past 2 years.

  • I love East Coast Park. The other one will be any one of the many Singapore River facing cafes at Robertson Quay. Probably by now, you will realise I like to be close to the sea, river or any body of water.

  • One Ocean Seafood Restaurant located at Block 1002, Toa Payoh Industrial Park. It’s not in the most convenient location, but the Blackcurrant Pork Chop and Assam Fish Head is worth the trouble to find.

  • Can lah!!

  • Singaporeans will stand up against foreigners complaining about Singapore.. because only we Singaporeans can complain about the country we call home.

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. There’re not many attractions and things to do, but the Cà phê s?a ?á ( Vietnamese Ice Coffee), laidback culture, and authentic Vietnamese, Korean and French food at a fraction of the price is always a big draw for me.

  • Nine lives. Like a cat, I always bounce back to life regardless of how dead and tired I am.

  • take a Singapore River boat ride at night to take in the beautiful night scene and illuminations.