Wander around the colourful neighbourhoods of Joo Chiat and Katong, which are filled with hipster cafés, old shophouses, and a thriving culture. Explore the Peranakan culture as you pass through heritage shophouses, quaint shops, and eateries in this picturesque area of eastern Singapore.

With this comprehensive things-to-do itinerary in Katong’s top attractions and hidden gems, you may explore the hidden alleyways and bustling streets on foot while taking in its heritage and cultural sights. Have fun exploring!

1. WALL MURALS. There are various murals scattered around the heart of Katong. Most of them are a result of the Katong Joo Chiat Art Circuit (KJC Art Circuit) organised by The Admin SG and commissioned by the Singapore Tourism Board to revitalise this area. One of the must-visit mural is High Tide by Helen Le Chatelier with poems by Christina Chia to reflect the flooding that once plagues this area. In the past, residents had to contend with flooding in their homes and schools whenever the nearby Geylang River brimmed over during high tide or the rainy season. Tanjong Katong flooded six to ten times a year, and this continued until 1993 when the river was deepened. Follow the poems along the wall to uncover the hidden story behind this fascinating mural and take some pictures!

Discover more interesting murals here! https://www.theadmin.sg/murals-for-kjc

2. EMBARK ON EAT YOUR WAY THROUGH JOO CHIAT TOUR. Are your taste buds ready for a bursting experience in Singapore’s treasure trove of great hidden food gems? Led by the one and only true blue Katong boy Peranakan Anthony, dive deep into Joo Chiat as he takes you on a wonderful journey that will have you engaging your senses, especially your taste buds! Make no mistake, this is an eating tour. So come hungry! There will be a sampling of good ol’ Joo Chiat favourites like Vadai, Laksa, Tau Kwa Pau and more. Come join Anthony as he shares his neighbourhood favourites with you now! https://tribe-tours.com/product/eat-your-way-through-joo-chiat/

3. KIM CHOO KUEH CHANG. A Peranakan treasure that has been around since 1945, Kim Choo Kueh Chang’s third-generation custodians are dedicated to preserving their grandma’s recipes and the art of wrapping the well-loved triangular rice dumplings, which remain cult favourites today. They still operate out of their original location at Joo Chiat Place and are an integral part of the neighbourhood’s identity. They are so popular with locals and tourists alike that they also manage a Singapore Visitor Centre for the precinct of Katong & Joo Chiat. The mission is to share the Peranakan culture and its rich food heritage with all who are willing. Visit now and purchase some flavourful and tasty rice dumplings.

4. SRI SENPAGA VINAYAGAR TEMPLE. Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the Hindu god of prosperity (also known as Vinayagar), the temple is a brilliant example of Dravidian architecture. Historically, it is said that in the 1850s, a statue of lord Ganesha was found by the side of a pond. The statue stood in the shade of a champak tree, known as Senpaga in Tamil. With the help of a group of Indian workers nearby, a modest abode was created for the Vinayagar statue which later came to be known as the Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple. With a combination of religious significance, historical importance and sheer visual delight, this temple is a must-visit for any traveller.

5. EMBARK ON A MATRIARCH OF RUMAH KATONG TOUR. Discover Katong and Joo Chiat through Qing Qing, a Matriarch with a story to tell. Hear her stories about the unique Peranakan culture, get exclusive access into a Peranakan House to learn inspirations behind her own family house, the material culture of Kebaya, Kerosang and beaded shoes, and the delectable food from classics like Nyonya Zhang, Ayam Buah Keluak to Laksa. She is also excited to share with you her favourite establishments around Katong/Joo Chiat frequented with her husband and family. Interested to find out more? Book here now! https://tribe-tours.com/product/matriarch-of-rumah-katong/

Last but not least, you can’t leave the country’s best foodie destination without these top 3 must-eats!

1. 328 KATONG LASKA. What started out as a family business years back has morphed into six branches around Singapore, and four in shopping malls. The defining characteristics of Katong Laksa are the thick rice vermicelli noodles and the coconut-rich laksa gravy. Combine these with plump shrimps, fish cakes and fresh clams (or cockles), enhanced with the aroma of curry leaves, and you get a bowl of internationally renowned Katong Laksa. Head down to try out some!

2. CHIN MEE CHIN CONFECTIONERY. Tradition meets modernity. Chin Mee Chin is a beloved institution for generations of folks who grew up in Katong. This is where you can get a taste of the old-styled coffee and bakes, and take a step down memory lane. They remain committed to its founding glory of classic pastries, historic ambience and traditional comforts, with a determination to maintain a lasting legacy for the future to come. Indulge in a hearty cup of Kopi with Kaya Toast today.

3. TOK TOK INDONESIAN RESTAURANT. A fan of Indonesian cuisine? Then this is for you! A family dining concept, Tok Tok Indonesian Restaurant serves an extensive range of mouth-watering authentic Indonesian cuisine. With great passion, they crafted an array of much-loved Indonesian favourites and heart-warming dishes that uses only the original family recipes to bring out a nostalgic taste of Indonesia to your home. Delight yourself with their signature dishes such as Batagor, Ayam Bakar Betutu, Dendeng Sambal Bali, Nasi Goreng Kambing, Soto Betawi and many more.