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Mr. Toh

NATIVE MR. TOHPaper House Maker



Learn how bread was made the old fashion way. Visit one of the oldest remaining traditional bakeries left in Singapore and taste the difference. Meet with one of the masters of paper objects that the Chinese use as an offering to their ancestors. Join us and meet these masters in Disappearing Trades, winner of the 2017 Singapore Tourism Awards for the best tour experience in the leisure category.


Much of what people know about Singapore is its modernity. But what was Singapore like in the 1950s to 1980s?  How did people live, where did they go to get their daily necessities? Who were these heroes who plied their trade? What are their stories?

Travel back in time with us on this beautiful journey as we bring you back in time to a different Singapore. Learn how bread was made the traditional way before the modern loaves hit our shelves. Visit one of the oldest remaining traditional bakeries left in Singapore and taste the difference. Hear from our baker why this once thriving business is now a disappearing trade.

Next, hear first hand from one of the masters of paper houses making, how the Chinese pray and pay their respects to their ancestors by burning paper objects as a form of offering to the afterlife. Learn about this custom steeped in tradition and its modern manifestations.

Also, a visit to our very popular coffee roasting factory. Here you learn about the local kopi industry, the tricks of the trade, roasting techniques, and a sampling of kopi 'O' or black coffee.

If you are nostalgic about heritage and love meeting craftsmen who are fiercely proud of their trade, join us for this time travel to what Singapore was like in the sixties through eighties. If like us, you believe this is the best way to know a place, through conversations with its people, and that much of what’s present today comes from our past, then get to know Singapore through our disappearing trades.


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  • FAQs
    1. Who is this for?

      This is for everyone who appreciates knowing what it was like before, the evolution of customs, people are trades from thirty years ago till today. Our friends and guests who love Disappearing Trades also love history, culture, heritage, and are interested to dive deep to learn about a place through its people.

    2. Do I get to meet and speak with them? How interactive is this?

      Absolutely. They are the essence of this tour so not only do you get to chat with them, our guests have sat down, made handicrafts much to the amusement of our Natives. They gamely pose for photos, allow hands-on craft making. This is entirely up to you. For the bread factory though, you don't get to make the bread. You get to go behind the scenes, snap pictures, and taste freshly baked bread. But no DIY. It is a proper factory so no.

  • Why Join This Tour


  • See first-hand our natives at work and hear their stories
  • Coach comfort to shorten travelling times and give those feet a rest
  • Extras: The low-down on Singapore that even seasoned guests to Singapore will not know about.


  • Bringing our Natives home



Mr. Toh

Mr. Toh’s father started learning the art of making these paper crafts in China from the age of 10. He came to Singapore when he was 10+ years old and worked at a factory specializing in such crafts in Yio Chu Kang. His specialization was to make big scale paper houses, meant for the Hokkien people to pray to Ti Kong and ceremonies for the deceased ancestors. Perhaps it’s because these paper houses are all made by hand, so the design of each house is different. Generally, besides paper houses, Hokkiens would also buy paper cars.

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Newton Food Centre 500 Clemenceau Avenue North Singapore.
Meet in front of Newton Food Centre near taxi drop off point