Calm, steady, smiley especially when it comes to all things about food. Without a doubt, one of Singapore’s best guides, she has an amazing depth of knowledge about our beautiful city. All our Chiefs are colourful and ooze charm. But this one is all that and a bit of crazy. Anyone who has attempted (or simply thought) of swimming 3.8 km followed by a 180 km cycle followed by a full marathon. That’s right. Iron (wo)man alright!!



  • Foodie – Singapore is truly a foodie haven. There’s no other place in the world where food is so celebrated, from street food to the Michelin-starred restaurants.

    Traveller – there’s always that itch to travel and see and experience what’s beyond our shores. A global citizen but my heart is always in Singapore.

    Singlish – to lah or not to lah, or when to lah … Only a true blue Singaporean knows. It’s a colloquial language which continues to evolve.

  • Both for variety – kaya toast + teh kao siew dai or prata kosong + teh halia

    Jason: Eliza is greedy or indecisive. But I suppose if you run, swim, cycle as she does, why must she choose?

  • Sembawang Park – grew up visiting this park since it’s so close to where I live. Situated at the Northern most part of Singapore, there remains a small little stretch of natural beach, overlooking the straits of Johor. There’s also an old colonial bungalow, Beaulieu House, which is now a restaurant. A very nice rustic feel to the place.

  • Wong Chiew Roasts … Situated along Upper Thomson road, junction of Mandai Road. Opens 24 hours. Love their roast pork and roast duck. There’s lotsa other good food too and since it’s always open, this is my go-to late dinner and supper place.

  • Simi = what is it? … Can be used in many forms.

    Various uses:

    Simi tai chi (What’s the problem?)

    Simi lah (what is it? *incredulous tone)

    Simi-simi (what is it? *confrontational tone)

  • Better than complaining in Singapore?! …. Hmmm… Discussing about what we want to eat for tomorrow’s lunch at today’s lunch, since tonight’s dinner was decided last night.

  • Melaka, Malaysia – a Unesco World Heritage site. It’s a nice, comfortable 2-3 hour drive from Singapore. And it’s another foodie haven!! Also love the charming old buildings and their weekend markets. I usually visit every few months.

  • Adaptability – just go with the flow 🙂

  • take the MRT, visit our heartlands and have our kopi!