Yoke Chun

Yoke will never say this about herself, but she is one of the kindest, warmest and most giving persons around. What’s amazing is that she is operationally as effective as a drill sergeant. Which is no wonder she is one of the best at what she does. Warm and genuine, operational ninja, and a master juggler in life!



  • ‘Rojak’ – Refers to a local salad of mixed fruits and vegetables drizzled with a sweet and sour sauce made up of chopped peanuts, prawn paste, lime and sugar. Rojak is a Malay word that means ‘mixed’ and speaks very much of my personal background. Raised in a family of Buddhists, went to a Catholic school and now I’m a Muslim convert (my other half is a fourth generation Pakistani Singaporean).

    Foodie – Love to eat and love to cook!  As you can see from above, I have used a dish to describe myself!

    Fast – Talk fast, walk fast, eat fast.

  • Prata, our local pancake fried over a flat grill and served with curry. And definitely kopi. Nothing beats the taste of our local coffee with condensed milk.

  • Singapore Changi Airport. With three terminals (and expanding), you are never short of space at the airport.

    It was a great place for me when I was a student looking for a quiet spot to study. Now married with 2 active boys, its a great place when I want ample space for the kids to run around. Incidentally in Terminal 3, there is an indoor playground for the little ones and world’s tallest slide standing at 12 metres high for the older kids.

    It is still a great place for me when I want some alone time to catch up on my reading or simply people watch.

  • Old Chang Kee – Started from a small stall in 1956 selling just local curry puff, now they have many franchises across Singapore.  Besides their signature curry puff,  they have added many local traditional favourites to their menu.  My personal favourite is the carrot cake or Lao Bo Gao in Mandarin (incidentally there is no connection between this and the western dessert with the cream cheese topping).  What’s interesting about this snack is there is no carrot in the carrot cake.  Its made of rice flour and shredded white radish / turnip and fried to a nice golden brown.

  • Multiple usage of the word ‘can’

    Can-la – No problem, sure.

    Can? – Is it ok?

    Can-one la! – Definitely ok!

  • Unfortunately it’s not one of our most attractive attributes. We just have too much of a good thing to appreciate the lesser things in life. But believe me, not all of us are like that and we do have our good sides.

  • Chiangmai, Northern Thailand. Great local hospitality and rich culture, great food and a great place for spa!