Are you game to take up the challenge to find the architect’s green treasure?

Rumours abound concerning the existence of a mysterious green treasure – the result of a challenge issued by a famous architect upon his deathbed. The treasure can only be found by worthy seekers if they can decipher a series of puzzles that the architect has left behind.

Additional hints provided by the architect include a bag of strange objects that need to be given to certain people in exchange for critical clues, and a list of sites to be visited in order to meet these people.

To solve the puzzles and figure out the significance of the bag of objects, seekers will have to visit SkyVille @ Dawson, Oasia Hotel Downtown and Gardens by the Bay to learn about their sustainable design features.

At SkyVille @ Dawson, participants are introduced to the LUSH (Landscaping for Urban Spaces and High-Rises) initiative and the concept of greenery replacement through the use of vertical and sky gardens. Special access will be arranged to visit a home located within this estate.

The use of energy efficient systems will be explored further during the visit to the next site – Gardens by the Bay. Participants will learn about how the conservatories are cooled through the use of a biomass reactor to generate heat and energy, using horticultural waste as fuel, as well as other sustainable facts.

When visiting Oasia Hotel Downtown, participants will discover how natural lighting and cross ventilation are maximised through innovative design, and learn about the challenges faced in the construction and execution of this project through stories gathered from the architects. A surprise awaits at the final stop.

This tour is organised by Tribe and a signature programme of the President*s Design Award. It is supported by the Design Singapore Council and the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

This tour takes place monthly on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

The tour ends at Oasia Hotel Downtown (100 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079333)

Notes: Tour is suitable for anyone above the age of 7. All children under the age of 12 will need to be accompanied by an adult | The tour will only commence with a minimum of 6 participants. For dates outside of the fixed schedule, you can email bookings@tribe-tours.com to enquire.

The Special Edition component – exclusive insider access into a home at SkyVille @ Dawson and a sustainable theme inspired mixology session at Oasia Hotel Downtown – can be customized and added for private bookings


    3.5 HOURS (0930-1300hrs)
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    Queenstown MRT Exit B (301 Commonwealth Ave, Singapore 149729)



  • 1. A guided gamified tour to uncover the mysterious green treasure through solving puzzles while learning about sustainable design features of President*s Design Award-winning buildings and spaces.

    2. Listen to stories and challenges gleaned from the architects and designers behind SkyVille @ Dawson, Oasia Hotel Downtown and Gardens by the Bay.

  • Recommended for anyone above the age of 7!

  • A. Guide

    B. Audio Device

    C. Transport between stops

    D. Game kit


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Points of Interest/Route:

SkyVille @ Dawson

Gardens by the Bay

Oasia Hotel Downtown