Singapore Grand Prix Formula 1 2022 Tours

Here for Singapore Grand Prix: Singapore F1 – Formula 1 Night Race between 29 September 2022 and 3 October 2022 and looking for some exciting experiences beyond the race track?

We’ve got 4 F1-theme experiences to get your engines started!

There is a new pandemic that is sweeping the world with a high mortality rate of 40% of those infected and spreading quickly. With the night race taking place over the weekend, the urgency is real, that the cure needs to be found to prevent an infection cluster from arising.

You are Elle, the daughter of a researcher who was tasked to find a cure by retrieving missing journal pages to solve this mystery.

You are in a race against time to find the cure and identify the mysteries of St. John’s island. What about the island that has kept the virus at bay? Could it be linked to the quarantine facilities built by the British in the 1900s? A clandestine experiment conducted by the Japanese during WW2? What has Singapore’s former president Mr Devan Nair got to do with the island? Or is there a more sinister plot that is taking place … waiting to be discovered?

Time is not on our side and you only have 4 hours. Assemble your team to find the truth and save mankind!

Min: 8 pax to commence
Cost: $150/pax

Fill the maximum Gs and adrenaline when you take part in Chinatown Heroes!! Not only will you be trying to undercover a gruesome murder in Singapore’s Chinatown, you will also be meeting the true heroes of Chinatown – the affable and hardworking hawkers in Chinatown Food Complex. 

In solving the Chinatown Murders, you will be zipping through tight ‘chicanes’, even hairpin turns along the edgy streets of Chinatown past Trengganu, Temple and Sago Street. Those who finish this first part and successfully identify the Chinatown Murderer will be in pole position to meet the real heroes of Chinatown. 

Going into the bustling Chinatown Food Complex which is Singapore’s largest hawker centre with 226 stalls, your guide will regale you with stories of these heroes. After working hard solving the Chinatown Murders, you will now enjoy sampling Chinatown’s best of the best snacks and food. Don’t forget to ask your guide to point out the coolest craft beers in this hawker centre!

Chinatown Heroes is the ultimate pairing of adrenaline who-dunnit with hawker eye-opener that one must experience while in Singapore.

Min: 8 pax to commence
Cost: $169/pax

Singapore’s development has been described as remarkable. Not just because of where it started from but more so the speed in which this turnaround happened from the 1960s till today. Singapore’s GDP grew from 500 USD in 1965 to 59,500 USD in 2021. 

How did this small country with limited natural resources pull this off? What levers did the early founding fathers pull? What choices and trade-offs were made to get their economy into overdrive? How did Singapore manage to sustain this growth over 50 years? It is an incredible story that is seldom told.

From visiting a local beer brewery to an urban community farm. Join us for Made In Singapore and experience a track-side adrenaline rush of Singapore’s economy!

Min: 8 pax to commence
Cost: $196/pax

Start Your Engines…..

Jewel Heist F1 Edition is about to go full throttle. Get ready to zip around The Jewel in overdrive as you pit your skills against other teams. The competition is fierce as participating teams use their quick reflexes, razor sharp problem solving skills as they navigate through the challenging pit stops along the way. 

But as in any race, you depend on your crew. So form your best 5 – 6 person teams and challenge yourself to conquer the intimidating Jewel Heist where your mission is to find escape routes, and ultimately earn the most loot. For all teams participating in the month of September, the team with the highest score will win a prize.

As they say, put your pedal to the metal and win the ultimate F1 prize.

Min: 8 pax to commence
Cost: $149/pax